Brighton Rocks TEEFF

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What’s the best thing about Brighton?
The folks. I’ve lived in Brighton for almost 10 decades and at that time that I’ve met with numerous creative people. That is what’s kept me here. Lord knows it’s not the rent prices!
Who will be the your favorite local bands?
I’m loving Other States right now. They’ve this coy, American vibe going on what does it for me.
What’s the very best venue / rehearsal space / studio?  
I love Brighton Electric as a venue. Primarily it’s rehearsal room and a recording but they put on gigs and there’s a real sense of community that comes from every one, when they do.
What’s the best club?
I do not really go out clubbing anymore, I’m more of a get-smashed-on-a-bunch-of-cocktails type of girl so I’m unsure.
What’s the best record shop?
Spotify. Jokinngggg! Resident I would say, they stock all the songs that I like (including my new EP ‘Who Are You, Really?’ . Available now in all the best record shops!)
Where is the best spot to eat?
It has got to be Riddle And Finns. I’ve only eaten there once and this was once my buddy won #500 and also offered to carry me out for supper anywhere I enjoyed… So I picked the most expensive area I could… I’m sorry Josh. Champagne and oysters are all exactly what I crave.
What’s the best pub?
From day one it’s always been the Bees Mouth. It’s so womblike inside there. Once we were underaged, my buddy and I used to play on there and broke so that we could get a free beer for enjoying. I hope they still allow me back in despite BREAKING THE LAW!
Who’s your favorite Brighton celebrity?
Bird Person.
So when was the last time you had any Brighton Rock?
Never. Even the doughnuts on the dock are all great!

Who Are You, Really? From TEEFF is out now on Love Thy Neighbour: