Brighton Zip Shows Opening Date

The latest seafront attraction of Brighton has finally announced its launching date. The Brighton Zip will be started ahead of the school holidays.

The Brighton Zip will be a 300 metre long, adrenaline junkie’s dream, instead of where the Brighton Wheel and “Pizza Beach” formerly were. Organisers still maintain confidence that the appeal will be by July’s end, although the building was delayed because of unforeseen poor if.

The impressive attraction is being delivered with exactly the exact same company who brought us the i360 and has even been described as “a sporty option” into it. The construction will include a Helter Skelter ride which is to be increased before drifting the zip.

Planning for the ride to be available between 10am and 11pm, the journey has generated some concern about sound among local inhabitants, but is projected to bring in about 32,000 clients per year.

Manager of this Brighton Zip project, Delso Da Silva, has stated: “The landing page is being constructed right now. We have fallen behind a little bit due to the weather…” but to not worry because “The tower itself doesn’t take a very long time to build and we’ll definitely be available for when the children break up.”