Husband Was Able To Find The Plumbing Fittings He Needed Online

We were having some trouble with a leak from our toilet. My husband is a DIY kind of guy and after showing him what the toilet was doing, he said he may be able to fix it himself. He went online and started searching for the specific problem our toilet was having. He found some forums and advice online and even came across a few YouTube videos. He said he had enough information that he would be able to fix it himself, but he needed to get the parts from plumb spares direct.

My husband went to a few different local hardware stores to see if they had the plumbing fittings he needed to fix the toilet there. The first place he went to didn’t have what he was looking for. The second place that was close was closed. After not being able to find the plumbing fittings he needed locally, he went online and searched for them. He found the plumbing parts from that he needed and they offered 2 day shipping for free. Since the leak had been going on for a few days already and the fittings weren’t in the hardware stores around us, he decided to just order them.

After a few days, the fittings he ordered came in the mail. He was able to refer back to the websites he had come across when searching for information and figure out how to fix it. It didn’t take him long before the leak was fixed. It could have been fixed sooner if we didn’t have to wait to get them in the mail, but it didn’t take long so it worked out for us. I’m glad we don’t have to worry about the leak or it costing us more on the water bill.