Air2g2 Machine Price

One of the more difficult problems that people can face when they have a golf course or any type of area where the grass is growing such as the stadium, is the compaction of soil. This can prevent the water from properly percolating into the ground, and can also suffocate roots by preventing enough airflow. Compact soil also makes it difficult for the roots to expand. This can stymie the growth of the grass that is in your field. To prevent all of this from happening, you should consider air2g2 hire from North West company that can come out to your location. Let’s discuss what the Air2G2 product does, and how you can quickly have businesses come out to aerate your soil.

How Does The Air2G2 Work?

This is a machine that looks very much like a small tractor. It is going to have an air container on it, controls, and an engine. The tires will allow it to be positioned anywhere that you need to in order to have it do its job. Once it is in position, it can inject a substantial amount of high-pressure air into the soil in order to alleviate these problems. It typically works with a couple different injections. First of all, it will send the injection of air down to about 6 inches. This is going to break up what is called the compaction layer. Once that is broken through, they will then inject more air, usually down to a foot into the ground, and this is going to eliminate any compaction problems at the surface level soil, and also deeper into the ground.

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Where You Find One Of These Companies?

Locating a company in the North West area of the UK’s easy to do. There are quite a few businesses that offer these services. It’s because of how easy it is for the soil to become compacted over time. If you have noticed that you have lawns, fields, or even golf courses that are not looking too good, the problem could simply be that the soil is to compact preventing growth. This may take an entire day, depending on how many machines they are bringing in, and the size of the field that must be treated. The estimates you get back will help you make your decision as you are selecting one of these companies that will use their Air2G2 machines.

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Although most people think that the main problem that lawns will have is a lack of fertilizer or a lack of water, it’s almost always something to do with the soil. If there was a drought year, or if there is a substantial amount of traffic that is running across the top of this grass, is going to be compacted very easily. By bringing in one of these machines, and doing this treatment on a regular basis, you are going to increase the longevity of the grass and also its overall appearance. Just make sure that you get multiple quotes so that you can choose the because they will give you the best deal for this type of a service.