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I was looking to get a new type of flooring in my home. I already knew I wanted to get wood flooring and wanted to see what type was out there. Since I was spending a little more on this, I wanted to make sure I really liked what I chose to get.

I went online and looked at the different types of hardwood flooring and the colors, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to really tell what they looked like until I saw them in person. I went to a few stores in the area that sell flooring and checked out their options. I found Amtico company that make your floor more beautiful that I liked. I was able to take samples of it home to make sure it was just what I wanted to get.

After checking the colors out in my home, I decided which wood flooring I wanted to get. I was able buy my flooring and set up a date for installation with the company I bought it from. Since I spent a certain amount on the flooring, the installation was free. I was really happy with the price anyways so free installation was a plus.

The wood flooring installers came to my house a few days later and installed my new wood flooring. I love the way it looks in my home and the installers did a great job on it. I am happy with my choice of color and think it looks great. It has been much easier to keep clean than the carpet I had before and really brightens up the look of my home. I have received many compliments on the new flooring and am really happy with my purchase and how it all turned out.