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I was visiting a friend of mine that recently had a new driveway put in. I told her how much I loved it and asked her what it was. It was something I hadn’t seen done a whole lot. She said it was a resin driveway and she had decided to have that installed instead of concrete because she had heard such good things about how long it lasts. I wanted to learn more about resin driveways and who installed them in my area.

I went online and searched for resin driveways. I looked over pictures of several driveways that I really liked the look of. I searched for companies that did this particular type of driveway using this material and I found lots of companies in the area. I decided to call around and get prices before I looked at anything else. I wrote down the quotes I got from the different companies and went back to read reviews about them before deciding who to hire. The company my friend hired was a little more pricey than the others, but their reviews were excellent. There was company that was lower priced and also had several good reviews, but also a few neutral reviews. I decided to hire that company because they were lower in price than the other company.

Resin driveway with company I hired was able to start working on my resin driveway a few days later. They had it finished quickly and did a wonderful job. I really love the look of the new driveway I had installed and the color I chose to have it done in. It looks really nice and really spruced up the outside of my home. I am glad I chose to get it.