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Email marketing has long been a key component of marketing, and one that has helped companies perform at consistently significant levels for several years. With this degree of efficacy in mind, why would anybody want to violate such a nice status quo? Why would anybody want to interrupt something so useful?

Since there are benefits to be gained. Good quality marketing automation software is able to deal with the responsibilities of email marketing, while also offering a vast range of stunning features to companies eager to move in front of the package on the industry.

Read on to discover more regarding the gaps between marketing automation and email marketing, and find out what marketing automation software can provide for your company.

Strict Definitions

The most important difference between marketing automation software and also an email marketing campaign is extent. While email marketing has a solid history in providing leads and prospects to companies in an assortment of businesses, marketing automation is simply a far more sophisticated approach.

Let’s Look at the definitions of each strategy;

Email Marketing: Basically a tool to provide mass email marketing campaigns to large databases of prospects. The application will also have a facility for tracking replies for each communication, and for commissioning reports about the efficacy of each campaign.

Marketing Automation: a lot more wide-ranging than email marketing, marketing automation pulls together an assortment of distinct channels, enabling a wholly integrated marketing solution. Inbound leads through websites and societal media, content marketing strategies, email marketing and other lead resources are worked together.

Benefits of Economy Automation


The very first and most obvious benefit to promote automation within email marketing is the absolute scope it provides. While email marketing is extremely effective at targeting classes of prospects and encouraging them to move further into the sales or acquisitions funnel, marketing automation yields far more comprehensive results.

Efficiency is critical in business, and also the capability to manage and oversee a range of marketing approaches is incredibly valuable. As opposed to wasting time and resources creating distinct marketing approaches and then arduously pulling them together, marketing teams using marketing automation software find all these approaches integrated inside one handy hub.

The benefits of this can’t be underestimated. Suddenly, organizations discover that not only are their marketing strategies suddenly far more effective concerning customer gains — but they have far more time to invest in different areas of their company.

Nurturing Leads

Email marketing is effective in gaining prospects and in presenting those prospects to a purchase funnel, but marketing automation software moves this a step further. This type of software eases the nurturing of prospects and the management of those leads as they progress towards the desired outcome.

Marketing automation software additionally reflects the nuance and flexibility of the services and products provided by individual companies. By way of example, distinct leads may be suited to various product bundles, in which case marketplace automation software empowers companies to guide that lead towards the outcome which most suits their requirements.

This type of segmentation is an important part of modern organization. A company must have the Ability to provide the services or products that a consumer needs, but they must also be able to recognize the conditions and tailor their answers accordingly. Demonstrating this Ability and flexibility to the customer raises the likelihood that that customer will remain faithful post-conversion.

Along with segmentation, marketing automation additionally empowers organizations to analyze prospects as they’re acquired and nurtured. Top quality automation software will have a lead scoring tool which gives an insight into the likelihood of conversion and into which methods are needed to procure a conversion. This represents the shift towards treating the customer like an individual, not simply one part of a wider herd.

Profit Knowledge/Wield Knowledge

Each of the above really boils down to one thing; knowledge. Knowledge, and the capability to set up and wield understanding efficiently, has become a kind of currency within the landscape of modern, client-driven business training. Marketplace automation provides a level of knowledge and insight which enables organizations to supply simply the best products and services to customers and cement their position in the head of the marketplace.

Each interaction with a customer generates plenty of information which may be used to concentrate and enhance future direct marketing approaches. With email marketing, this info can very easily fall by the wayside; however, with marketing automation, even a bank of information could be developed, saved, and then wielded by proactive organizations that are devoted to providing the consumer with what they need.

The applications of this understanding are almost endless. Everything — by creating lists of different customers or prospects at distinct phases of conversion, to the deployment of workflow management tools aimed at simplifying business practices — can benefit from the use of in-depth and deep consumer knowledge. Market automaton program puts this data on our hands.